The amount of Will My Granite Countertop Value

There are actually numerous causes why folks are selecting granite counter tops. Lots of of your reasons include the benefits, set up difficulties, and value. You have got produced a fantastic final decision to use granite for your personal counters. The top decision together with the set up of Rockies Granite counters will be to make use of a licensed contractor for your occupation.

Expense of Resources For Granite Countertops

Granite may vary in expense. It might rely on the type of granite that you simply opt for plus the variety of complete you select. Nonetheless, setting up granite demands a lot more than just the granite slab or tiles. You’ll find many other resources that you just ought to invest in for the set up of your respective new counter tops similar to a twenty five lb. of slim established mortar ($10), a five lb. bag of unsanded grout ($5), a quart of polished sealer (25), a roll of fiberglass mesh tape ($5), a trowel ($5), a putty knife($5), a honing stone($7), a grout float ($5), caulk that matches the color if you are making use of tiles ($5), and plastic spacers ($5). All these supplies is going to be needed for installing granite counter tops and you also ought to take into consideration the costs whenever you are budgeting for your personal new counter. In addition, you might have to have a tile observed. You are able to purchase one for around $275 otherwise you can lease a noticed from a lot of areas for around $45 for each day. The cutting should be ready to be performed in a single day. You furthermore may really need to estimate the lumber products that you simply will require to purchase also. The resources that you will require consist of an entire sheet of ¾ inch plywood. Each and every 8ft. of countertop that you just have you ever will require a single sheet. You’ll need a sheet of Denshield to back the tile for each and every five ft. of counter you have. Roofing nails and screws are going to be desired for securing uses.

The expense of granite differs because of the sort of granite that you come to a decision on. Should you would really like a solid floor granite countertop then you really pays around $125 per sq. foot. In case you are considering about tiles on the counter then the costs will operate about $60 for each square foot. Tiles might be really low-cost or they may be costly. It relies upon on the style and texture in the granite. The finish you prefer to for your counter can make a giant change also and can boost the value. Many persons want the fake complete which could cost you about $80.